New and Exciting!!

There have been so many new things going on around these parts lately! We were actually here in Spain to see them win the World Cup for the first time in history!! Our landlord commented to us that were so lucky to have only been here a year and be able to see it. He's been waiting a lifetime for this. Puts the grandness of this event into perspective a little for us.

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We've got our cute new puppy Charlie and he makes Bosley young again. They play together all day long and Bos is teaching him a lot about being a "good boy". One of these days I am going to get into house training and leash training him more consistently. Right now is not the greatest time, but he'll get there most definitely :)

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I suspect the van will be ready any day now. They've had it for a month. It was pretty banged up, but I MISS MY VAN! They need to get their butts in gear. We have a rental, but it's a manual and I haven't a clue how to drive it. I have tried to learn to drive stick so many times, but I can never seem to get it. I know what to do, but I just can't handle having to think about my feet and the road and steering at the same time haha. I just need more practice, but I don't want to practice. I hate driving to begin with.

Brennan is running around the house and yard. He has figured out how to open the outer gate to get to the street. He refuses to let anyone feed him anymore. He's another Noah! He walks around all day pointing at things and asking "wusat?" (what's that). He tries his little diaper butt off to keep up with Noah and Tristan and is doing a great job at it!

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Tristan has been going on the potty consistently this month... still no #2, but I think making him wear big boy undies will help with that. He's SO STUBBORN and unmotivated. He's difficult to teach anything to. He still doesn't know his colors or numbers, letters, shapes... he just will not listen or try to learn! It's frustrating, but I'm not too horribly concerned. He'll be fine... I hope. One day he will want to know and then it will be easy for him to learn. Right now bribery is kind of working, but he doesn't really even care about that. He's just so staunchly different from the other two. I don't know how to get him interested.

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Noah has been doing a lot of drawing and writing lately. He loves to make up stories and conversations with him never cease to entertain. A 5yr old's view of the world is priceless :) He has his moments when he catches a major attitude with me, but those aren't very often. Most of the time he's my big helper and a great big brother to the maniacs we have running rampant in the house. He jumps into the pool and swims under water now. He hasn't worn any flotation devices for a few weeks now and he swims twice a day usually. I still can't seem to get him to want to swim ABOVE water, which I find odd, but that's Noah! He'll bring his head up and look around but never take a breath. What a weirdo ;)

I'm looking for a job because although we can make ends meet, that's all we can seem to do. We can't live here and not be able to do anything!! It's just too frustrating to witness all these amazing experiences everyone else is having while we're sitting at home, trying not to eat too much haha. Since Adriana is here I have the opportunity to get work so I'm going to take it! I'm nervous. I don't want a job, really. I gotta do what I gotta do, though. I'm not looking forward to having a set schedule and a boss, but the paycheck will be more than welcome ;)

Josh is gone for a week doing the longest organized marching event in the world. I hate when he's gone. I hate it for a lot of reasons... mostly I just miss having him around. We can't talk every day and that makes me nervous. I'm sure all is well. Don't push too hard, dear! Remember... slow and steady wins the race ;) heh. AND BE SMART!!! Sigh... like he can read this anyway.

So that's about it.

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