Meet Charlie

20100709 3883

A friend of ours recently got a puppy, but things changed and he couldn't keep him. We gladly took him :) Meet Charlie! He's about 4 months old, they say he's a lab/German shepard mix, but I think he looks more like a golden retriever/Belgian malinois mix. Regardless he's settling in nicely here.

20100709 3871

Bosley is teaching him how to be a respectable family dog... and we're helping along the way ;) He's not house trained yet, but that will happen soon enough. We called him Charlie because it just seemed right to have a Bosley and Charlie (from Charlie's Angels). We've been talking about getting another dog for over a year. So far Bosley seems pretty happy with the company, although slightly perturbed with Charlie's "puppy-ness". Bos is lazy... well, how about we call it old and set in his ways ;) haha.

20100710 3870

I'm sure as time goes on we'll have plenty of stories and memories to share about our newest addition. Welcome to the family, Charlie!!

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