Another Last Hurrah

We've had to say goodbye to many good friends out here, ones that we'll be in contact with for the rest of our lives.  Our boys had a kind of "last hurrah" with Mama C, Bug & Goober yesterday.  I got a sunburn :/  But, I also got another fabulous photo for my mantle.  SO ADORABLE!!!  We're going to miss these little guys, and their Mama.

2012-05-30 058
2012-05-30 065

Tristan fell into the pool last year and has been afraid to get in ever since.  He's also afraid to watch everyone else swim.  He kinda flaps around and yells at me the entire time about Brennan "he's going to drown, Mommy!" it's sad and cute.  Yesterday after hours of pool time I think Tristan finally understands that we are fully capable of preventing drowning.  Still, though... no luck coaxing him in.  He stands on the stairs and flings water at anyone nearby.  It's super annoying, especially if you're tanning right behind him.

2012-05-30 023
2012-05-30 043

Brennan, for the first time ever, asked to get in with the ring by himself!  Normally he will do the monkey death grip on me or Josh while he chatters in our ears and smiles/.  Yesterday he went right in and kicked about, spun in circles, and didn't cry once.  He turned purple and wore himself out, but he had a blast!  Maybe his bravery will help Tristan overcome his fears.

2012-05-30 020
2012-05-30 049
2012-05-30 022

Noah's favorite thing to do is wait for someone to come close to the edge and then jump in next to them and splash them in the face.  This is also super annoying.  Hes been told not to, but as you can see from the photos, that's pretty much all he'll do.  He can't swim for very long because he has absolutely no body fat and gets cold quickly.  He stands against the hot bricks to bring his temperature back up (like a lizard), then he's back for more splash-drown antics.  He never swims without goggles.

2012-05-30 040
2012-05-30 010
2012-05-30 037
2012-05-30 075

Goober and Bug are brave, excellent swimmers.  They motivated my boys to get in there and be brave.  Apparently Bug doesn't normally swim above water, but he did for the first time yesterday in my pool.  YAY!  Cheerful adrenaline is a great motivator :)  Way to go, Bug!!

2012-05-30 077

Goober was kindly sharing the ring with Brennan (who wanted it mostly when someone else was occupying it).  He gently helped him take it off and on every 5 seconds.  Thanks for your patience, Goob.

2012-05-30 031

They were all taking care of each other and expressing deep concern over lip blueness.  We will probably see them all again our last week downtown.

2012-05-30 082

The internet has been cancelled (and the way they do it makes no sense, but anyway).  Josh spent so much time on hold we had ample opportunity for pictures.  Now that we have no furniture or curtains I've been calling our living space "the fish bowl at the un-house"

2012-05-31 003

The van got cleaned up and shipped out this morning.

2012-05-30 086

I got most of the house completely scrubbed down.  Tomorrow is the big day.  We shall see if we get any of our deposit back.  I'm ready for this particular headache to be over.  Wish us luck!  The aparthotel we found is awesomesauce.  It has a full kitchen & 2 bedrooms, free wifi, and is right next to Retiro Park.  We will be able to save a lot of time and money by cooking for ourselves this last week.


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