Brennan's Third Birthday

I think everyone else was more excited for Brennan's birthday than the birthday boy himself.  His only request was that we watch "Star Trek" (we're some proud nerds) and go out for a little bit.  Instead of hiding the presents, we hid the child this year.  It was pretty fun actually.  The unveiling of his new gigantic Air Force plane and Army guys was a huge success.

20120501 8750
20120501 8748

They played with the new toys and intermittently stopped at the living room to watch the Star Trek movies until lunch time.  He requested build your own chicken wraps for lunch.  Fine by us!

20120501 8746

After lunch we went to the arcade in the mall and let him pick any games he wanted.  I took pictures with my phone and am too lazy to find an appropriate cable with which to download them.  This ain't the USA, y'all... I don't have a data plan.  ANYWAY!!!  They all had a lot of fun and we finished our visit with a stop at Haagen Dazs for some ice cream (Brennan picked raspberry sherbet).

20120501 8743

We came home, let the kids play outside in the mud, finished decorating the cake, ate our wings, sang our song, and that's about it.  It was a great day :)  Everyone was very happy for our youngest "big boy".

20120501 8740
20120501 8738
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