Moving is Moving Along... Swimmingly

This past week was jam-packed with activities!  Thursday evening I did my final shoot while in Madrid, you can check it out on my photo site on facebook.  I had another scheduled, but weather and time were not on our side and I unfortunately had to cancel.  Friday I scurried through editing, checking and rechecking until I was satisfied with the end product.  

Saturday I went out with Mama C (shout out to Joshua for being the awesome man he is and taking care of all the boys for us).  We took pictures all stinking day despite the thunderstorms (which you can see rolling in).  We met up with a friend for lunch, and met a new one in the process.  Then we had dinner at Casa de Juan, which never disappoints.  On the metro ride home we both lost our minds and were laughing so hard we were crying... over absolutely nothing.  Stress relief at its finest :)   Unfortunately I didn't have time to really look at and edit any of my photos before my big bootyful MAC with Lightroom3 got packed up and shipped out.  I did convert this one and punched up the color a bit.  It was an amazing day.  Hopefully she'll write more about it.

Sunday and Monday we cleaned and sorted so that by 7am we'd be ready for the movers to arrive.  We have sooooooo muuuuuuuuch craaaaaaaaap.  Even after the yard sale and many trips to the punto limpio we still managed to fill 8 crates.  We also got the great news that someone had found Charlie and he was safely returned to my parents after two whole weeks of being gone.

Tuesday and Wednesday were our pack out days.  Josh and I spent the entire time outside trying to keep everything low stress for the kidlets.  Brennan had a tiny freak-out yesterday when he realized all the games were gone, but overall everyone has been handling it quite well.  After Brennan took a much needed nap among the dust and boxes he was less stressed.


We let them swim for the first time yesterday after the movers left and that was the perfect panacea.  Setting their temporary beds up like summer camp all together in the playroom didn't hurt either ;)


Today I started the deep cleaning and have successfully cordoned off most of the upstairs.  We're heading out later to buy floor wax and paint.  Hopefully we'll get our entire deposit back when all is said and done.  Josh is taking his car out to Barcelona tomorrow to have it shipped back.  We've got our aparthotel booked downtown. Things are moving along just fine and we're right on schedule and budget :)  I'm glad we have a full week left in the house with the internet to get everything done.  I may even have time to finish my legacy!  I want to leave a packet behind of pictures, information, and fun facts about the areas surrounding Madrid so the other families here won't miss out on local travel.  We're in the house until the 1st.  TTFN.
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