Mother's Day

I decided what I would give to my Mom for Mother's Day one day last month as I was watching my little boys destroy something, and I was taking pictures.  I always think about my mother when my kids do something crazy that makes me laugh because that's what she did... we did get into trouble once in awhile, but most of the time we just had fun.  She saw the big picture, she understood children, and she taught me that nothing is as important as "making memories" with your kids.  So, I started thinking about my childhood and my time thus far with my children and here is a list of everything, a little perspective to help us all remember what's truly important.

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Making a memory is worth
Mopping a floor
Taking an extra bath
A ruined pair of shoes
Wasting water
Cuts & bruises
A dirty house
A cluttered basement
A cheap rug
Missing Church
Missing school
Missing work
Stains that will never wash
Another pair of shoes
A sunburn
All your craft supplies
A can of paint
Your interior decorating
A tank of gas
Missing your favorite show
Staying up late
Getting up early
Not having "nice" things
Another pair of shoes
Extra dishes
Hard work
A long walk
Another trip to the store
Your landscaping
Re-doing a chore the "right" way
Teaching something new
Bug bites
A couch
Alone time
A roadtrip
Your "image"
Your time
Your money

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Because in the end it's the memories you make that will truly last.  Eventually my mother will go and I can't think of a single thing she owns that I would want.  She already gave me everything I need to remember her.  So... enjoy the beauty of childhood.  Celebrate the carefree spirit of children.  Let them explore their world and respect their "ignorance" of other people's opinions.  Cherish it.  Make some memories with them.  Then take pictures & clean up the mess ;)  Hopefully the lessons of my mother can help you out when you walk in on the mess beyond messes.  Try and look at it differently and see what they learned from making it.  Make a little space for them to be themselves.

I love you, Mom!  Happy Mother's Day.  Thank you for being patient and kind and for giving me the best childhood.  I am very much looking forward to my boys staying with you and making memories of their own with you & dad :)
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