Noah finally lost his other front tooth!  It's been looking really awkward in there for awhile and I've been threatening to pull it out if he didn't (which is an empty threat).  The other night it came really loose and then he just kept wiggling and turning it.  He held the attention of his little brothers with his antics.

20120506 8770
20120506 8768

After about 20 minutes of his tooth hanging halfway out of his head I started begging for him to allow me to give him a hand.  He refused.  I tickled him instead.

20120506 8771
20120506 8765

After 5 more minutes of this nasty tiny worn down tic-tac tooth I told him to grab it really tight and then I whacked his hand and it popped right out.  No trauma.  No tears.  No pain.  He just laughed.  Yep!  There's a reason I don't have any girls.

20120506 8762
20120506 8759

Noah knows there's no tooth fairy, but he likes to put his tooth in an envelope under his pillow and wake up to cold hard cash regardless.  He got a euro 50 for this particular one AND I even let him keep that nasty tooth.  I remember how fascinated I was by my lost teeth and I dare not begrudge him the same simple pleasure.

In other news...  The dogs are safely with my Mom & Dad, adjusting to their new surroundings.  Bosley adjusted right away, which has a lot to do with his age and past experience.  Charlie's a little stressed, but he'll be OK soon enough.  Josh is in the US getting us a house and already made 3 offers.  Which one shall be accepted (if any)?!?!  We haven't decided whether or not to leave that a surprise for me.  Judging by his track record of "surprises" I'd say I will probably know the day a bid is accepted ;)  No complaints here.  I have the normal insomnia due to lack of bedmate/protector/confidant/co-parent/de-stressor.  I miss him, like always.

The weather is finally clear so we're going on a hike tomorrow with Mama C and Goober, which means I will have something worthwhile to blog about.  I didn't feel like writing this blog: So, I cleaned the house a little bit and watched a lot of "Lost".  It's been raining for a week.  The boys fought incessantly so I finally caved in and rented new DS games... pretty dang boring.  Though I guess I coulda' spiced it up a little.  We did have a really great Saturday Unplugged this past weekend.  I'm just unmotivated.  But today, we had SUNSHINE!  Glorious skin-warming, heartbeat skipping, mommy motivating, body energizing sunshine.  There were big gusts of wind, but they weren't frigid!!  It was like... May in Spain!!! :O  Imagine that.

I will end this post with Tristan.  He told me to take a picture of his spikey hairdo.  If you don't love him now, you are an android without an emotion chip (Star Trek).  Sorry... my nerd is showing.

20120506 8776

FYI I gave him a haircut today.  Now it's time for this insomniac to curl up with "Lost: Season 4" and eventually pass out on the couch.

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