A Day in the Life: Mommy

:: found this in my drafts folder, always thought it was too boring to post it, but I read it and I guess it's been long enough for me to think it's funny lol... life with toddlers is tough!! goes with these little gems ::

September, 2010

I was talking with Josh and mentioned my Day in the Life posts. I said there really was no point of doing a day in MY life when it's pretty obvious from the others what I do all day. It would be boring... "you might think it's boring, but the way you write makes it sound exciting"... I love him :) He's so nice lol. Now, normally our days aren't so routined and monotonous, but since we lack transportation we've become little robot hermits here. It's been 5 months since I had a vehicle at home. Most days I go a little crazy with the boredom and lack of spontaneity or adult conversation. Thankfully I have a good friend out here so we hang out a lot or at least talk on the phone almost daily. Thank you, Jessica!! ;) So, anyway... here's my normal day.

I usually wake up to crying or fighting, which is fine because alarms never register in my brain. I'll hear them, but they become some bizarre part of a dream like... the police are coming after me or there's an imminent nuclear attack. I've tried music, but all that achieves is a "Glee-like" dream... so why would I wake up haha. This is a big problem! My solution? I put an alarm clock in the playroom and gave Noah strict instructions to wake Mommy up when it goes off. Problem solved (unless by some miracle the kids sleep past 7). I roll my tired butt out of the nice warm blankets and jump into some jeans, glance at my black eyes in the mirror, grunt disapprovingly at my morning scowl, and head downstairs to start coffee. This is how the kitchen usually looks on a Monday morning. It's not this bad other days, but Josh cooks on the weekend and loves to use every single pot in the house to fix us his tasty masterpieces. I deal with the morning questions from Tristan and Noah while I nuke some oatmeal:
"Can we have apple cinnamon oatmeal, Mommy?"
Yes, I'm making some right now.
"What time is it?"
It's 7:10
"Can I have a cookie?"
No, you need to have breakfast.
"What day is it?"
It's Monday.
"Monday I have P.E."
"Can I have a cookie?"
No, no cookies for breakfast.
"Did you check the weather?"
It's going to be cold. You need to wear jeans and a long-sleeve shirt.
"Can I have a cookie, Mommy?"
No! You can't eat cookies for breakfast!
"But I want tooooo!!!"
I know. You can have one after lunch.
"But I want toooooooooooooo!!!"
I said no! I'm making you oatmeal.
"But I don't want oatmeal. I want a cookie!"
"Can I have a cookie in my lunch?"
No, Tristan! Yes, Noah I'll put a cookie in there.
::Tristan's crying and whining and will continue until oatmeal is in front of him::
"Did you put milk in it?"
Yes. I put milk in both of them.
"Can you cool mine off?"
I am, Tristan.
"I can stir my own."
I know. I didn't stir yours, Noah. Here you go, boys.
"Can we have some milk?"
I'm getting you milk right now.
"I don't want oatmeal!"
Ok then go play.
"But, I want oatmeal!"
Then eat your oatmeal!
"But, I don't want to!"
Tristan!!!... I have to go get your brother.

Brennan is standing in his crib, talking to the door and smiles when I walk in. Well hello there, sunshine!! I carry him downstairs and give him something to snack on while I make Noah's lunch. Noah goes upstairs to get dressed. Tristan stays behind since he's not quite finished after all the time he wasted crying about cookies. Brennan successfully gets out spoons, tupperware, pots, cans, and tinfoil in the 8 minutes it takes me to pack a lunch. Backpack ready to go. It's now 7:30. Time for shoes and coats. I run upstairs to get socks for Tris and Bren and get them ready to go. We have to be out the door by 7:37 or we'll miss the bus!!

I carry Brennan the whole way there while holding Tristan's hand. If at any point I need to break the hand-hold Tristan will cry. Brennan is heavy so I have to switch sides at least once on the way. Noah's off to school, we head back home. Coffee!!! I put on AFN (Armed Forces Network) in the living room so the boys can watch Sesame Street. I drink my coffee and start the dishes so I can make another mess. Tristan is once again begging for food and Brennan hasn't eaten yet so I make some breakfast for us. The living room is destroyed from the weekend. Yay for me!

In order to vacuum with our American machine I have to unplug the entire entertainment system from the converter box and plug it in there, up by the TV. Which means no cartoons. They don't mind. Tris and Bren love running away from the vacuum. They also love to yell as loudly as they can... I assume our sonorous vacuum makes them feel compelled to be equally loud. This doesn't bother me at all. They're not fighting and I am able to work so I'm happy. Dusting is a bit harder since Brennan likes to grab the spray or run his finger in it and then taste it. I work fast. Vacuumed, dusted, cartoons back on, back to the kitchen to finish my (now cold) coffee. Preschool time. Lunch time.

I love to cook. I especially love to cook colorful, healthy meals to feed my family. I get a sense of accomplishment when I know I am feeding them a good meal. I love fresh produce. I always have tons of fruits and veggies on hand. I make some type of salad with every lunch and dinner. I know, I know... stop all this excitement!! Sorry. So, it's finally nap time. More coffee... and I get to enjoy it this time while I check my internets for pertinent news and info (aka browse facebook). Sometimes I can't seem to pull myself away to do anything with the house. If I get on the computer at nap time, chances are I will stay on it until they wake up. I need to update all my worthless games on there!! DUH!! Seriously, what's the point of sweeping the floors or cleaning the bathrooms in a house full of boys. There isn't one. It's a vicious cycle of cleaning and re-cleaning that is very difficult to perpetuate on a daily basis. Sometimes I'll work on a scrapbook, read a book, or watch a movie. My "me time" is pretty uneventful and a little disappointing. I wish I could say I work on my thesis or go to a cafe for coffee and a torrija, but I don't. I play frontierville and mahjongg or "escape the room" games... because I'm not motivated.

Kids get up. I sit down with them in the living room and watch Spongebob Squarepants, trying not to fall asleep before getting Noah. I am not allowed to move because Tristan can't sit on my lap and he will throw a fit. Brennan gets jealous if he can't fit on my lap too. My coffee's worn off. The kids are quiet and warm. The silence and stillness makes me sleepy... very very sleepy... sigh... crap! Ok, it's only 3:30... one more hour. Tristan eventually perks up so we can go outside for a bit before getting Noah. Off we go.

We hang out outside until Josh gets home. Most days I have a 5 o'clock coffee all ready to go for him. I needs my mid-day cold coffee. I am so bored typing this I can't even finish... seriously... it's Saturday, but I feel like I am reliving Monday... ugh... I'll finish it on Monday during nap time!


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