It's not just a haircut
It's a promise to myself
It's a release
It's me allowing ME
To show myself

It's adopting the attitude
Of the confident, the proud
The artists
The lesbians
The black women
The feminists
The punk rockers
All the defiant women
Who say "we know you don't accept us
But, we accept us
And that's all that matters".
I've admired them for 19 years
I am these women

It's more than a haircut
It's a promise to myself
To stop being a victim
Stop hiding within myself
To unapologetically
And openly
And honestly
Live MY life
Without limits placed by others
Without pressures enforced by others

It's about me letting ME speak
And live
And be
And it scares the shit out of me
But, I'm ready
I can't wait to be free
Be the badass I want to be
I can do it
It's always been in me.

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