Words Words Words

I want to write words that can sing
Carry you off in their meaning
Or ones that sit in your gut like gravel
Grinding at your core until you can finally

I want words that can paint the perfect picture
Draw metaphors that transport you into another's shoes
The geese, the path less taken, the caged bird

I want to pull you in close like we're sharing a secret

just you and me





That one perfect thing that awakens you

The flame
The seed
That's what I want my words to be.

I want to find words that attach to your heart
And make it pound
     and ache
       and skip

I want to write words that can finally fill
That empty space
You hadn't known was there in the first place

I want to confuse you with
Me an in G
Send you h----u....n-t---ing
M-a-k-e y-o-u slow down and t-h-i-n-k
About what you're avoiding.

I want words that have exceptional power
Grand, rushing, tidal waves
That can melt stone
Or topple mountains
Destroy entire planets
Just so you can start over again

I want words you can wallow in
Marinate in, bathe in, get drunk on
Ones you desperately want to soak up
Words you need to ingest
Devour, inhale, snatch, absorb

I want words that ignite your passions
I want to give them to you
Because they aren't mine
They were given to me too
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