been feeling a bit blah

I'm trying to stay positive, but it's getting increasingly difficult! Josh will be coming home in October and I get to keep him for a whole month, but after that he has to go back to Germany and may have to stay until June. JUNE!!! AHHHH!!!

So, we're looking at other options right now. I think we've agreed that switching his job would be a good idea. If he switches MOS's he'll actually make it home sometime around March, he'd actually get promoted, and we may even get to stay in San Antonio. Granted, I'm not that keen on this place, but I would certainly welcome the ease and stability of him getting stationed out here. I've got family and friends out here already and I don't want to leave them so that would be nice. Also if he goes into Military Intelligence he wouldn't get deployed for an entire year again. They typically only go for 6 months at a time. 6 months still sucks, but it's definitely better than another year of this crap.

So, that's where we are right now. Still waiting. Still trying to somehow have control where we think we can only to have our plans completely smashed by Uncle Sam and his evil minions. Stupid Bush administration.


Mark & Britni said…
Eeek!Take a deep breath.I really hope that he won't have to be in Germany until June,wow.That would be nice if he got stationed in San Antonio,lets hope for that.You must be so upset by all of this,hang in there.It will get better.

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