Playground Bufferies

Yeah sure "bufferies" is a word (as in buff). Noah and I powerwalked to the playground today and did some pullups and push ups. I was surprised at how strong he is already. I let him hang for a while on his own and he was trying to pull himself up. So then I held his legs and he did about 5 pullups. I was doing push ups and he plopped next to me and basically did the worm haha. He was climbing ladders on his own, tried to climb the fireman's pole. When I helped him it was like it came natural, he did hand over hand, wrapped his feet around. He was amazing me today. I didn't bring my camera with me, but I will next time! Here's a pic anyways :)

he was moping yesterday right before bathtime, he was tired


Mark & Britni said…
Wow,Noah's strong.Thats so cute that he was so into working out :)
Allie said…
haha yeah it was motivating! :D

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