Duck Duck GOOSE

This park is far from the house, but it's so worth the drive. They've got this huge playground and the thing behind us in the photo is just a building they turned into a playground, ramps and ladders and tunnels and steps everywhere. The perfect "hide and go seek" spot.
That's Jennifer in the background. Noah loved these tunnels. He also loved climbing the ladders, which sorta made me nervous to let him do on his own. He had to really work hard, but he climbed every ladder by himself.

We brought some ritz crackers to feed to the crazy ducks there. This park is right behind the zoo and I think maybe some of the zoo animals escaped and started cross breeding or something. This one looks like a cross between a goose and a rooster.

COME BACK TO ME DUCKS! He was chasing them all over the place. We finally got home at 9:00. Texas in the summer is nice at times. It wasn't even dark at 8:30!

So anyway, that was our day yesterday. We had a pretty fun time. Jennifer and I got a great workout just by playing. I think that will be my exercise method of choice from now on. :)
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