Noah's 23 Months old

This morning Noah was reading books to Bear in his crib so I snagged a picture.

I can't believe he's almost 2! Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we? :) We'll start with, of course his newborn picture...

He looked pretty cute for a newborn I thought. I think I did a pretty good job pushing. Here he is at 2 months old. I just love his face in this picture.

Here he is at the ripe old age of 5 months. He was trying to crawl and smiling constantly which made it easy to see when he was teething haha!

Here he is at 7 months. He was pulling up, speed crawling, eating a LOT and he had quite a few teeth already! Perfect for biting mommy. And, still smiling :)

This is Noah at 10 mos. He was standing on his own and cruising really well. He started walking towards the end of his 10th month.

And here he is on his 1st Birthday. This is the first time he had ice cream or cake, and the last time he had either in my presence... stupid daycare thinks sugar is fine for babies. Anyway...

I think I'll stop the memory lane trip here since I'm sure I'll want to do another one next month. It's amazing how quickly he's growing.

Today we spent a couple hours running and jumping and rolling in the grass over at Brackenridge Park again. This time we went on the train that goes around the park. Then we went and picked up lunch and ate it by the ducks and just explored after that. I found the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, but there was a wedding reception being held there so it was closed to the public. I think we'll try to go next weekend or something. I actually forgot to bring my camera today. I think it was good though because I played instead of taking pictures. Sometimes I get too wrapped up in getting good shots and Noah gets stuck being lonely. OK time for me to get Noah a bath. We're an hour off schedule already, but boy did we have fun. I thought about Josh the entire time. You would have loved it, babe. I can't wait until we can all roll in the grass together :)

Oh, and I am planning an awesome roadtrip for us to take in November up to Kansas. The drive is 13 hours and is possible in one day, but we're taking 2 days. I've picked out at least one attraction for each of us per stop and we're making a total of 3 stops from here to there. Gardens for me, Museums for Josh... all the restaurants, the hotel. I've got it all planned out. I can't wait :) Yeah... bathtime.

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