So many plans!

I just had to tell everyone about all the plans I am making for Noah's Home Preschool. I want to have a "color week" where every day of the week we focus on one color, Sunday we go over the whole rainbow.

Let's take Monday, "Red Day" for example. We will color and paint in red. We will make red playdoh or something. We will have red themed lunch. We will take a trip and find all red things and take a picture of each with a little disposable camera, take the camera to one hour photo while enjoying some ice cream. Then we'll come home and scrapbook the pictures and write what everything is. Stop signs, Firetruck, fire hydrant, stop light... all the common red things.

Another week will be animals, another trees, bugs. Maybe not all will be picture scavenger hunts, but I like the theme idea. We can even go to the library and find books on the topics. I can't wait. Just thought I'd share.

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