The things we miss

Noah and I went to the Chinese Tea Gardens today. They're being renovated so there's no water under the bridges right now, but it was still very pretty... and very hot :P

We got home just in time for dinner. Josh had a day off so I set the laptop up in the dining room and he watched Noah and I make dinner. Then he watched me do the dishes and sort some laundry. He had missed all that normal household stuff. My poor baby... I miss his help too.


veets said…
I'm glad you have a camera and I get to see daily Allie posts again -- even though I can see you pretty much whenever I want. ;) That may not be the case for long, though. :(

Noah looks like he grew up all of a sudden AGAIN! Tell him to stop that!
Mark & Britni said…
that garden is so pretty,I bet its so cool when the water is there too :)

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