Bakin' and Rakin'

When the first cold front moves through the mountains and seeps down into Madrid, an instinctual urge tells us to bake cookies. Maybe our instincts are trying to tell us to gain weight and hibernate? Whatever the case, we listen... we bake all day. We bake bread, cookies, cakes, casseroles, and pies (by "we" I mean Josh). The oven warms the kitchen and fills the entire house with clouds of deliciousness. Josh loves baking. It's scientific, it's chemistry, it reminds him of his Mom. The perfect combination of challenge and nostalgia ;) Plus he has a major sweet tooth. We just had a long weekend and in that time I think we baked about 6 dozen cookies and gained 3 pounds a piece lol. Our boys are going to be lady magnets with their cooking skills. You gotta have skills!

20101109 4936

20101109 4907

20101109 4942

20101109 4930

During our downtime we also did a little raking. Catalpa leaves are ginormous and uber-glorious for leaf piles. Since it was the day after our gardener was here we had to do a little tree-shaking and swatting to get enough leaves for our "jumpin-pile", but that was fun too :) Leaf piles, leaf mazes, leaf angels, leaf forts... MY childhood :) I know my Dad and the older siblings probably think back to our yard in Ohio with dismay and maybe a touch of nausea, but I loved having a metric ton of leaves to play with!

20101104 4900

20101104 4869

20101104 4877

20101104 4885

I also wanted to mention our all-out, total yard, family madrono war. I am washing madrono guts out of all our clothes still, including some innocent bystanders that were minding their own on the drying rack. No pictures for this one, but I can give you my personal guarantee that it was ridiculously fun and a great workout :) I love Fall! Our fireplace is going, the house smells like cookies, the trees are beautiful outside, the Christmas decorations are going up, and the boys look cute in their long-sleeves and jackets :)

20101105 4859

20101031 4811

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