The First Snow of this Winter!!

This morning I had a few errands to run out on the town and my inner Ohioan knew it was going to snow later. I immediately got happy and excited. The clouds were low, the air was well below freezing and it had that crisp snowy smell. People who grew up in snowy places know exactly what I'm talking about! Well at noon it finally started to fall. Then it picked up more and more until there were huge tufts of snowy clumps floating down from the sky. LOVE!! So, of course, we played outside.

20101129 5023

20101129 5021

20101129 5016

Once I was too cold I bribed the kiddos with hot chocolate if they'd come back inside. They shared a hot cocoa (too close to dinner to get their own, sorry boys) while I made some potato soup. Oh it was delicious... I added the leftover turkey and some carrots to it this time, put a little shredded cheddar on top. Outstanding.

20101129 5017

20101129 5020

20101129 5015

I got stuff accomplished. I went out for a coffee. It SNOWED!! Dinner was delicious. What a great day! It doesn't take much to make this gal happy, apparently ;)
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