Christmas Trees!!!

Our trees went up yesterday :) :) :) We put our Christmas trees up a little early this year for a few reasons:

1. We wanted to! ;)
2. Josh will not be here for a couple weeks after Thanksgiving and we'd rather have it done early than late.
3. We really really wanted to!

20101119 4962

20101119 4959

Our friend Tom is part of our little family out here. He comes over to watch football and hang out with us every Saturday. He also helps us out with anything, whenever we need him. He's great with the kids, very laid back... like I said, family :) So, of course he had to help us get ready for Christmas!! It's a good thing he showed up too because our kids were tearing through decorations like little tornadoes and we needed all the help we could get!

20101119 4958

We watched "Elf" and "It's a Wonderful Life" (by the way Tom's Jimmy Stewart impression is hilarious) as we decorated. By "we" I mean Josh, Tom, myself, and Noah. Tristan spent his time swinging his blanket around and encouraging us with the occasional "oooh pretty". Brennan... sigh... Brennan was all over everything. He was biting the hooks off of bulbs, crushing plastic ornaments, eating glitter and sequins, tearing lights right back off of the tree, slapping tree branches, slapping brothers, slapping dogs, hitting dogs with sticks, people with sticks, people with decorations... and then we finally found something he could destroy with no one caring... tinsel. Crinkle sound, flashy, fun, festive, perfect for curious toddlers :) Of course he had gotten quite attached to his toy so once it made its way to the tree he has there to rip it right back off. Luckily, Noah loves throwing tinsel on trees and he'll have his chance every day! :D

20101119 4955

20101119 4957

20101119 4953

Once both trees were up the boys happily went to bed, exhausted from Christmas cheer overload I'm sure. Then the grown-ups watched "Trapped in Paradise" and "The Ref" to round out the evening. It was great :)

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