Practicing the Ol' Espanol

OK!!!!! And we're back online! I will eventually get to everything. Sorry I missed so much!! I will do some better posts with pictures, but I gotta get this out there first!! I had an interesting day.

God must like messing with me because I have been a happy little hermit for the past few months, but He made sure I HAD to interact with people all week... in SPANISH. Once I got over my initial horror, I finally made phone calls to get our internet turned back on. I don't know why talking on the phone and using Spanish stresses me out so much, but it really really does. Like... "maybe you should talk to a psychiatrist" kind of issues with it. I will avoid it like the plague. Example: our telephone has never worked. I've never called in the year+ we've had it. Never. I don't care enough about having a land line to try and explain myself in broken Spanish. It's worth the 13 a month for me to not have to make one lousy call. I waited until my tooth was broken, the nerve was exposed, and I was taking 800mg of motrin at a time just to be able to handle the pain to finally call a dentist here. Getting the picture? Right. I know, it's weird. My Spanish is actually great, but I have major confidence issues.

OK... today. For whatever reason the bus came early, so we missed it. My friend was kind enough to offer to drive us up to the school (no van, remember) and then go on a little shopping trip. Yippee!! I went to the mall with my friend... and... my purse was stolen from the back of the stroller. I don't know how this happened because it was with me the entire time (Brennan was sleeping in it). It did happen regardless. I had everything in there! Due to our adventures in Spanish banking and my relative hermit-ness I keep our original documentation for our Spanish account in my purse. The only time I leave it's usually to go to the bank. It makes sense to keep it there. On it is our Spanish SSN's, bank account number, and address here. They also have my keys. Thankfully I didn't have the van with me otherwise it may have been taken as well. They also have my passport, military ID, base ID, credit cards, and 3 rented DVD's (it's a big purse). I used a TON of Spanish today! I talked to security guards, police, and bank people... all day long. No money was lost (joke's on them if they thought I had cash) and everything has been canceled. I'm really only worried about some random person with our address and van keys paying us a visit. My house keys and cell phone were in my pockets and we have dogs YAY! But, I am seriously considering having the van re-keyed. Wonder if insurance would cover it... or if I can even find the right stuff for our honda yacht here in Europe. It won't fit in the garage so there's nothing we can do to protect it. I happen to have another passport (go me!) so that's no big deal. We'll see how I feel when Josh is TDY... Jessica I might be moving in with you until our men come back lol.

None of it is a big deal, really. It's just annoying. Tomorrow morning we have a fun-filled day of more paperwork and a visit to the embassy. Overall I'd say this day was actually fine. I don't feel that stressed and am oddly excited. I did a great job communicating my plight with the locals and even cracked a few jokes. It was a confidence boost... and that's SO BIZARRE!!!! But, it's true. So, don't feel bad for me!!! I am quite content :) Everything is fine. Everything that was taken is already on it's way to being replaced. All is well in my world. Just wanted to let you all know what was going on! I will catch up with everyone as soon as I can :)

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