A Day in the Life: Noah

You all thought I forgot, didn't you ;)

20101017 4701

Noah's day begins with Tristan's gentle whispering and nudging at 6:30-ish... he wishes. It's more like a whine and a yank on the arm "Noahhhh uh go to playroom". He walks hand-in-hand with Tristan to the playroom and starts a movie for them. Then most days he goes downstairs to get them each a bowl of cereal and carries it to the playroom table. They eat their cereal and curl up under blankets in front of the TV until the alarm goes off at 7, which signals them to head to our room to make sure we're awake. I found out long ago that no alarm clock will ever really wake me up, except for my persistent children. Noah thinks it's fun to have an alarm to be in charge of turning off. Reluctantly, we comply and finally get out of bed to face the day. Depending on how much they ate and level of hunger the kids will have oatmeal or something else hot for breakfast as well.

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20101025 4840

Noah finishes eating and heads up to his room to get dressed. He's accustomed to asking me "Mommy, what's the weather report today?" so he knows what to wear. I pack his lunch, check his folder one last time, and we head off to the bus stop. Noah LOVES school. His weekends are the worst part of his week. If he had his way he'd be at school all day long, spend the night there, and then do it all again. On the way Noah muses about who he will get to sit next to on the way to school, and tells me what's on the schedule for that day "Every Tuesday I have art class so today is ART!! Tomorrow is Wednesday so I'll have PE. I have PE again on Friday." Noah loves routine, structure, and schedules. It's comforting to him to know what comes next and he likes predictability and being able to plan. He's not my son at ALL! ;) When we get to the stop he tortures our neighbors for awhile with loud spelling of words, howling like a wolf, the morning report of what he ate and what he will do that day. They think he's funny and they're very nice and patient so it all works out :) The bus arrives and he gives us all a hug and kiss, tells me "I'll be good today and stay on green, Mommy" and off he goes... trying to skip a step or two onto the bus, which always makes the monitor nervous. Noah doesn't understand her Spanish so he could care less. Now... since at this point Noah is out of my sight, and since he's practically a full-grown man by now, I thought it would be better to let him tell you how the rest of his day goes.

20101030 4816

Once Noah is home he decompresses in front of the TV for about 30 minutes and then returns to his normal hyper self. He has moved up a couple reading levels since he started 1st grade and he's doing very well with spelling! He's also doing well in math and looooves his science class (they're studying the human body). Noah is very smart, but has a little trouble paying attention (seeing as he's a 6yr old boy and all) :) We play outside (weather permitting) and Noah is sure to beg one of us to play baseball or soccer with him, which we agree to about 95% of the time. Noah is a wonderful big brother and a great example. He shares, eats all his food, clears his place, says "please" and "thank you" and does not hit. He's a very kind soul, our Noah :) He helps us get everyone ready for baths and bed... he has his "bad" moments, but for the most part he's an amazing little helper! Noah will read the bedtime story probably twice a week. We tried every night, but most nights he's so wiped out by bedtime that his brain doesn't work anymore and he just gets frustrated.

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20100410 3056

On weekends Noah spends his alone time drawing or playing with legos. His art really is awesome. He likes to make patterns and fills entire papers with symmetrical lines and designs. He makes me an "I love you Mommy" card almost every morning. He also has been known to beg us to let him play Boom Blox on the wii, which is really fun to watch... he gets SO into it!!! He loves watching his big kid movies while the babies are napping. Although he has fun on the weekends I think he prefers school days. We're too boring for him I guess ;) hahaha. Noah adds so much interest and flavor to our family. We love his running commentary and stories. His memory is so good it's scary, which makes us keep our promises. He is the biggest sweetheart. He only gets a little mean when he's frustrated and being teased, but he very seldom is aggressive. I hope our other 2 are as well-behaved when they're older!! We love our Noah-Boah!!!

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