T-Day and a TDY

20101125 5005 T-Day

We had a great Thanksgiving. There was food, family, a friend, football, fun... and bejeweled blitz (lol). All Thanksgiving needs to be successful is turkey and a ridiculous amount of side dishes, which we had... and of course family :) Pumpkin pie with homemade cool whip for breakfast, deviled eggs for appetizers. Turkey, stuffing, peppered cream corn, velveeta veggies, mashed potatoes, sausage stuffing, yams, and cranberry sauce for dinner. And good times were had by all. I even gave the dogs turkey gravy for their food (which they devoured within seconds). Josh, Tom, and I all got on facebook and played bejeweled blitz while we sorta listened to the Cowboys lose (none of us like the Cowboys). Tom and I had an eating contest which ended in a draw after our second plate (thankfully). We nearly exploded, but we laughed a lot. The kids played board games under the table and watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving and Christmas specials.

20101125 5009 T-Day

20101125 5006 T-Day

20101126 4981

20101125 5004 T-Day

We just dropped Josh off at the airport for a short TDY. It doesn't matter how short the TDY is, the reaction is the same. We wake up kinda late and I drag my feet and give Josh a hard time while he's trying to rush us out to the airport. Maybe I think he'll change his mind and not go? lol... like he has a choice. Josh wants to get to the airport 2 hours prior to his flight, but we usually get him there one hour in advance. Josh gets in his "hoah hoah" zone, all Armyed out and ready for action. We get into our "go it alone" zone, all independent and ready for inaction. I already have plans to keep us busy throughout the next couple of weeks. Today we have a birthday party, which I really should prep for and go buy a present lol. The kids didn't cry the whole way home this time so that's good. Tristan and Brennan will get cranky in a few days, but be unable to express why (which is fine since I already know). Noah will count down the days for me 3 times a day. Sigh.. TDY's :P

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