37wk OB

I had my 37+ week OB appointment today.  I am a good 3cm dilated already, which is surprising because I haven't been having too many contractions.  I guess a little goes a long way... certainly tons of pressure :P  So... there you go.  Any day now!  Ever since I got checked I've been having contractions, but I feel like they're not much.  Josh wants Brennan NOW haha!  Apparently he's getting eager to hold him... and get him a passport.  After he arrives Josh will have a whole lot of running around to do, but I think he'll be relieved it can finally be done.  We're going to be cutting it all really close for Spain, but we have faith that everything will happen however it's supposed to happen.  No need to stress yet.

My Mom is here and will be here to help out basically until we move.  It's a HUGE relief having her here.  The boys love her, we trust her completely, and she's already been helping us so much.  After raising 7 kids and running a home daycare for 10 years I'm pretty sure she's the "expert" on kids and babies haha.  I'm glad she's retired and can do things like this :)  THANK YOU, MOM!! :D

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