Tristan Has Escaped!

I was playing some Animal Crossing with Michelle during Tristan's nap today.  Suddenly we heard a huge BOOM upstairs... Michelle even heard it through the mic.  Apparently Tristan has now figured out how to scale his crib rails.  He is perfectly fine... no idea how he landed or anything, but it was loud!  Luckily we can still raise the rails a bit.  I had them lower for my own comfort, but a change must be made.  This is actually a good thing because he's going to have to be in a big boy bed by 2yrs old anyway.

I hope everyone enjoys the tickers I put up (again).  I mostly need them for myself because I don't know how pregnant I am most of the time lol.


Britni said…
Holy cow you only have 34 days to go!!

That's crazy that Tristan escaped his crib at a year and a half! I think Dylan did at 19 months! Maybe it will work out best for you anyways because of bending & lifting him out of the crib...with being really pregnant and all! Will he be sharing a room with Noah or move to a twin bed in his own room?
Beth and Dave said…
I'm glad he's okay. Dylan did this and it scared me half to death. I guess its a warning sign of all the upcoming freedoms and independence they desire. When will it end?
Michelle said…
I also heard Josh burp over that mic....LOL
Haley Elizabeth said…
I think I was lucky to have a girl who didn't want to leave her crib haha. I think boys are defintely more adventerous then girls. I hope he doesn't try to do it again! Are you moving him to his new bed before the baby comes or after?
Allie said…
Tristan will be moving to the bottom bunk of Noah's bed and Noah will be going back to the top bunk after we get to Spain. The baby will probably be at least 3mos old by then. Unless of course he outgrows the bassinet sooner. So Tristan will be just shy of 2yrs old. Luckily he doesn't move around as much as Noah does so I won't have to worry about him falling out constantly. It will be interesting to see if these boys can stop playing and fall asleep though. I think it's going to be really fun for them to share a room. Of course they might end up getting their own rooms too... we shall see when we get a house.

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