Another Trip to the Doctor

I failed to mention that at my last appointment my blood pressure was slightly elevated.  My doctor is extremely cautious so she made me give blood, urine, and do yet another 24hr urine sample.  Then I had to go back in on Monday (yesterday) and have my BP taken again.  Well it was slightly elevated at 133/88 (normal is under 130 and under 80).  About a minute later it was a normal 121/75... good, right?  Apparently not.  She scheduled me for an induction next Tuesday if I don't deliver by then.  What's the point of forcing a baby to come out of a perfectly healthy person a week early... there isn't one.  By that point I'm pretty sure one or two more days isn't going to hurt anyone.  I doubt I will last that long anyway.  She's been overly cautious this entire pregnancy and she's making me all stressed out!  I appreciate her being careful, but I feel fine and the baby is fine and I am determined to do this natural... just like I did with Tristan.  It bothers me because if I get pitocin I don't know if I can handle it all without drugs.  PLUS... I AM NOT HYPERTENSIVE!!  I also wasn't diabetic, but she made me check my blood sugar twice a day for over a month.  Sigh... so that's what's up with me.  I go in for my normal appointment on Thursday... maybe I'll be 4cm... or better yet I will already have Brennan and I won't have to go at all.

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