Easter Baking

Yesterday was our big Easter baking day.  We made a lot of sugar cookies and Josh got most of his carrot cake finished (did the rest today).  We had a great time and the cookies turned out uber cute :)  Tristan didn't help decorate so Noah got us all to himself.  Now all we have left to do is dishes, dinner prep, a little house-cleaning, and put together the Easter baskets.  I am so excited about cooking tomorrow!!  I am making a roast leg of lamb and fried calamari (both of which I've never done before), asparagus with bacon, and some Greek potatoes.  OK I gotta get my lamb marinated and tidy some things up before bedtime.

Also I should mention that I've been having a few random contractions for the past couple of days.  I think I still have a week left in me, but the time is most definitely near!

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