We picked one!

After months and months and months of discussing names we have finally picked a keeper.  We had previously picked out several names, but none of them really stuck with us for longer than a few days.  The other morning I woke up and immediately thought of a name... it was literally the first thought that came to my mind.  We've loved it for over a week now so I think it's official.  That being said I am always very nervous about sharing names with people before the baby is born because people NEED to give their opinions and poop on our parade.  SO if you don't like it just keep it to yourself.  It took us a long time to agree on a name.  Without further ado we give you... Brennan Gabriel!  I am determined to call him Ben, but I might end up calling him Bren like everyone else haha.  Josh and I can't imagine the cuteness level, but we couldn't with Tristan either.  I mean seriously how much cuter can a baby get than Noah and Tristan?!  Look out, ladies!


Britni said…
I love it! I thing Gabriel is great for a middle name too!! Nice job guys :D
Anonymous said…
Hi Allie! Girl that is a beautiful name. Really sounds like a star name, like star athlete et... Just really a strong name. Congrats to you and Josh.
Cheryl said…
Excellent! Gabriel is our little Ryan's middle name, too, and Brennan is great:) Ben, or Bren (or even Gabe)...ALL are "right fine" names :)
veets said…
AWWW!!!! You can call him whatever you want! I'll call him Ben, too. Or maybe little Gabe. ;) hehe.

When do you guys leave? I'm flying to OH May 30 to fetch Benjamin. If you are still around, we definitely should plan a stop on the way down.
Babs said…
Grandma loves the name you want to call your little boy too. I didn't think I would like Tristan and I just love it...so it really doesn't matter what we think. It is yours and Josh's choice and we heartlily approve of whatever you choose.
Allie said…
Thanks, everyone! :D

Noah is going to call him booger... and he can because it's his right as the big brother :) Plus the initials make sense to be booger B.G. haha
Michelle said…
Micah has a friend named Brennan and I always call him "Brandon" and Micah will look at me with a disgusted face and say, "MOM that's not his name". LOL His mom called him "bren" :)

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