better today

I felt a lot better today, still can't breathe very well and everyone wants to tell me it's from quitting smoking. Funny how smoking causes all the health problems and then when you quit, that does. Like nicotine withdrawals can really be that bad.... can they? I don't care, regardless I am DONE SMOKING. You hear me "Big Tobacco"? I hate you and your soothing cancer sticks.

I think I am going to start taking Noah to this reading time at Barnes & Nobles. This Saturday it shall be "The Giving Tree". I just hope I don't cry. That book is so damn sad haha. WELL IT IS! They get to make leaves and a huge community giving tree and they are to write what they will share with others on the leaves. Will Noah get it? Probably not, but he DID say "yellow" yesterday so who knows.

I am multi-tasking while Josh is typing an excerpt from a book out that I have to read. Oh... good quotes and ideas. Back to my baby. :)


veets said…
It's not from quitting smoking. That is ridiculous.

Did you get my message?
Did you go to the Doc?
Anonymous said…
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