no tax return this year... we actually owe $104

oh well, at least it's not very much. that's what I get for making money. I'm saving everything this year... ima itemize. I'll save every single stupid receipt from everything and claim it all. Take THAT.

meh... good thing we weren't counting on any money


veets said…
:/ im always so afraid that'll happen to me. not yet, though (i don't think). joe only worked 1/2 the year, plus im in school. next year maybe (or the year after).

stupid taxes! isn't there a LOT you can claim for having a house?
Allie said…
no, there's nothing I can claim for the house unless I itemize and then I'd have to come up with more than the 10,000 standard married filing joint deduction.

Noah's eating some toast and bananas right now.... he keeps stopping and whining, making me nervous... ewww... hahaha I heard that from over here! time to change a diaper lol

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