sure why not :)

briefly describe 5 of your favorite days or experiences.
1. our CC (anniversary of when we started dating... it was the same day we realized we were going to get married too, deep gut feeling)
2. our anniversary
3. day we had Noah
4. the Austin trip
5. Kansas City date & our last night out in San Antonio

list your 5 favorite movies at the moment.
1. 40 year old virgin
2. saved
3. spanglish
4. mean girls
5. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

list your 5 favorite movies of all time.
1. shawshank redemption
2. moulin rouge
3. what dreams may come
4. the money pit
5. robin hood (the animated Disney version)

list your 5 favorite songs at the moment.
1. when i look to the sky - train
2. red to black - fort minor
3. everything changes - staind
4. past and pending - the shins
5. 40' - franz ferdinand

list your 5 favorite songs of all time. (this is hard, I like too much)
1. drive - incubus
2. home - duncan shiek
3. another horsedreamer's blues - counting crows
4. just another day in paradise - phil vassar
5. what if i stumble - dc talk

list 5 random habits you have.
1. i rub my feet together and wiggle my butt a few times before i can sleep
2. i get lost anytime i have to go someplace that's not part of my normal routine
3. i forget what i was going to do after i get into the next room
4. i twist or stroke my eyebrow when i'm thinking
5. i stick my tongue out while i do anything artistic and give myself chapped lips

list 5 things you'd like to do before you die.
1. have 1 or 2 more kids
2. go to europe
3. get a degree
4. buy a farm
5. be a grandma


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