civilian doctors

I found a pediatrician a mere 5 minutes away from the house and daycare. He's a really sweet Indian man (dots, not feathers). I was surprised to see on the sign "now accepting Tricare Prime enrolled patients". So... no copay EVER! I didn't wait very long at all. Noah barely cried, the doc was thorough, yet quick. He even noticed a rash on his stomach and back that I didn't notice. It was nothing, by the way. He looked at his dry skin too. Noah's got an ear infection and a sinus infection.

The whole experience was great. I felt secure and well cared for and not stressed. The military hospital stresses me the hell out. He said to bring Noah's shot records over and we'll get him caught up. He said at his clinic they don't give them everything at 12 months, seems a little excessive and too hard on the baby body. I was so glad to hear that... I totally agree. AND!!!! They're open until 5, unlike military where it's "fill as you go" appts. and don't try to work with your sked at ALL and you stay on hold for an hour just to try and make an appt. Immunizations are seperate, perscriptions are seperate.

It took me the same amount of time to pick him up from daycare, get to the doc, fill out paperwork, see the doc and get a perscription filled that it would have taken me to get to BAMC (military hospital) and find parking. I'm in love. Though I did have to pay $35 for meds because I got it filled at Walgreens. I dunno, I think it's worth it. Noah can finally sleep now! And SO CAN MOMMY! :D No more stress. It's malifluous.


josh said…
hey babe, im glad you guys finally made it to the doc. hope noah is feeling better by now. i think you just need to start taking him to the civilian doc from now on... its too much hasle to drag yourselves out to BAMC and deal with all that crap. just make it easier for yourself and get the all of his records and take them over to the civilian doc... i dont want you having to deal with the military hospitals any more than you have too. i hope your day at work is going smooth, thought you might be home by now, but i guess you are having to flex the time it took to get noah to the doc. i love you, talk to you soon. ps- you gotta check out my blog

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