it's just another day

Today was pretty boring. Though, I was still feeling the exhiliration of paying off yet another bill... one to collections, no less. I need to research IRA's and Mutual Funds and 401K's and crap. Did you know that saving money costs money? Yeah if the bank gives you interest you have to pay taxes on it again. How dumb is that?! I paid taxes on it the first time jerks! Sigh... anyway... We have money to invest and save so it'd be a good time to do it. Especially since we know we can't count on Social Security. Starting young is the best thing. All the people I work with who are in their 40's and 50's say they wish they would have started young. We're just lucky we can. Anyway... off to the exciting world of investment research. :P

I was looking at this for awhile, waiting for Josh to get online. It's great. You can even specify what amenities you want. I think Josh opted to sleep tonight, probably not voluntarily... after so many naps and not sleeping the body shuts down whether you want it to or not. I love you, babe :) Talk to you soon. Give me a call if you want.

PS- Josh, check this out!!! :O :O :O #215 (216 is too pink)


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