Ahhhh Homelife

Josh was on a 4 day pass so we got a lot accomplished. We took a truckload over to Goodwill, cleaned out the garage, unpacked a lot of boxes, and hung most of the pictures up finally. I also cleaned!! It's aboot time, I know.

OMG let me just share something with anyone who has never had to deal with military-related happenstances. There are few times where one might be doing laundry, catch a whiff of something, and want to just throw it away... FTX laundry falls into that category. FTX stand for Field Training Exercise and is basically a camping trip with bullets, tear gas, and lots of weapons and exercise. Josh's ripest uniforms were lovingly packed in large ziplock bags, to preserve their freshness I imagine. Josh said he would do it, but I had time. He would have reached into those nasty, sweat dampened, muddy, sandy, green socks to pull them right-side in. He would have dug through all the dirty pockets, looking for anything that required saving or tossing. He would have dealt with it, but I love him and (like I said) I had time. He was quite thankful so I'm not complaining, just sharing. His soccer gear is a close 2nd, by the way. My stinky stinky man ;) hahaha

Speaking of soccer, we all went to Josh's game yesterday (they won). Josh got kicked in the leg and the elbow and has quite a few scrapes and bruises now. He thinks he may have fractured his leg. POOP! I'm not gonna care until he does. He's going to the promotion board next week! WOOOOOHOOOO! He'll probably get pinned sometime in June. The boys are doing great. They play together a lot more now and it's the cutest thing EVER. I will post videos when I have the time and desire.

Tristan's been pulling up on everything and is trying to cruise already. He pays really apt attention to every sign I make (remember I'm doing baby signs with him). He crawls from his room to the bathroom (naked) every night for bathtime, laughing all the way. He's not sitting in the bath seat anymore, just in the tub on his own. He's eating mostly solid foods... if baby food is considered a solid... I don't know the rules. He also enjoys those little puffs, pastas, really anything I cut up small enough to give him. He is still nursing about 4 times a day.

Noah is a genius and is adjusting well to life in the city again. He misses CJ, and it shows. He is climbing all over me again, begging me to play with him. We need to move to the country! Noah's vocabulary has been expanding beyond what I could even describe. We were listening to that John Mayer song "Waiting on the World to Change" and I asked him how he would change the world... his solution was to build a big treehouse and let everyone live in it. He's a genius! haha He has a very vivid imagination and it makes for entertaining afternoons. I am working with him on his lazy pronunciations and he's getting there. He's being really stubborn. At least now he'll say "Noah" instead of "Oah". That one was annoying... "I not crazy, I Oah!" (note the proper use of N in 'not' hmmm). Anyway I gotta get back to my boys. Later!

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