Que Sera Sera

Today is our 5th anniversary!!! Wow... that means we're in our 6th year of marriage... dang. Time sure flies by! Ironically enough after 3 years of separation this is actually the 1st time Josh and I haven't been together for our anniversary. We're going to celebrate when he gets back.

In other news. Tristan cut his 2nd tooth and may actually be cutting two more (all on the bottom). I'm not positive, but it looks like it so we'll just have to wait and see. Noah and I are learning baby signs so that we can communicate with Tris better. I wanted to do baby signs with Noah, but I tried starting way too late and lost my motivation. I'm excited to see how it all goes. Noah was imitating all the signs on the video and seems excited about it too!

The other day I watched Caleb for a couple hours so Heather and Jeff could go out to eat. He and Noah had a blast! All 3 of our boys, despite the huge age gaps, are so sweet to each other. Caleb always brings Tristan toys, Noah always shares with Caleb, Tristan watches them both with awe. Noah looks like a MONSTER around Caleb, though... he's just ginormous.

It's time to go buy Noah clothes again. All his short-sleeve tees are too small on him. We've gotta get him some 4T now... wah!! :( I don't mind spending the money or doing the shopping. I just can't believe how big he got and how fast it went. His new thing is "Monsters are in my toybox" or "a T-Rex is in my closet" and apparently the T-Rex comes out and does his dinosaur puzzles sometimes... hmmmm lol. Look at him in his little muscle tee and "soccer game hat"!! He looks so grown-up.

Heather and I found the greatest scrapbook store EVER! It's a little shop with a playroom (including baby gate). I asked the owner to make me a cut-out that said Fort Gordon and she did it on the spot and only charged me 99 cents!!! Her grandson was there and he's 3 so he and Noah watched movies on a portable DVD player while Mommy shopped. I can't wait to start Tristan's scrapbook! It's going to be nice to be able to print out certain parts of the blog (like his birth story) and include them into his scrapbook. Hopefully my prints arrive soon!

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