That's It We're LEAVING!

Hahahaha... no, but really we are. I'm driving out to Karrie's sometime today and staying for about a week. Then I am going to bounce on over to Josh for the weekend and get some hubby-time. After that we're gonna drive back home to our lonely pitiful existence. Noah's been driving me crazy for 2 days. Every time I move he says "We going to see CJ!"... no, not yet, Noah. We have to pack. "I want to go see CJ!!!". I think he wants to see CJ, but I'm not sure lol. I'm excited :) I'm going to take a shower and by then the baby should be up so I can finish his packing. Then I have to do dishes and take out the trash, clean some things out of the fridge, and we are GONE! YAY! I love roadtrippin' :)

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