Short Crawling Clip

I have one that's a lot longer that I might upload to the scrapbook site, but here's the short clip I took of Tristan's crawling today.

I got all Noah's summer clothes at Target. Luckily all his shorts still fit so all I had to buy were new sandals and a bunch of shirts. I got 13 and they're all approved by Noah. I asked him if he liked every shirt and he turned quite a few down. He kept telling me "no I already have that at home" if it was something similar to what he already wears. What a clever guy. I almost succumbed to my urges and bought a few things for Tristan. I just kept telling myself we have enough baby clothes from Noah and nice relatives. No need to waste money! I also got myself a pair of clearance jeans, but I have to take them back... I just don't like how they fit. It's hard to try on jeans while you have a baby dangling off your torso.

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