We Have a Crawler!!!

It's official today. Tristan is crawling... fast. For a few days he's been intermittently getting up onto all fours and staying like that for a couple little scoots without flopping on his belly, but today he just got it all of a sudden. Then he was off!! He was so excited about his newfound ability that he made it a point to visit every little nook and cranny of the living room, showing Mommy what she's going to have to move up haha :) Also when I went to get him after his nap today he was on his knees, pulling up to standing. AHHHHH!!! He's only 6 months old! What's a mother to do. I was so mad that this pic was blurry, but I love it anyway!

Noah is under my computer desk right now talking to Dora and Boots on the microphone. He randomly shoves the mic up to me to say hi. I think he's getting a cold, but he insists "I'm NOT SICK! Mami" so I gave him some claritin. He is sneezing and sniffing and his eyes are watery. I hope it's just his allergies. The pollen is awful here. We'll see in a few minutes.
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