Josh is Coming Home Today

I swear I should just make a copy of the phrases "Josh is leaving today" and "Josh is coming home today" and save myself the extra 7 seconds of my life I waste by typing them out all the time. Forgive my cynicism. I told Noah today Daddy is coming home and he's going to be home for a long time, but then I remembered that's what I told Noah when we moved. Two months later Josh was gone (though only for a month and we saw him twice in that time). While he was home he worked so late most nights he would go all week without ever seeing Noah awake. What a thing to miss!! This was at Karrie's, playing with one of CJ's guns.

Now we're planning all kinds of visits everywhere so we'll not be "feeling like we're home" until... I don't know... sometime in the Fall maybe? Or maybe winter. We're heading to Ohio and will be there through Mother's Day. Then Gma and Gpa N. are coming out at the end of June. Then we leave for FL for the 4th of July. Then we are going back to Ohio for my niece's wedding in August. We're driving on all of these trips to and fro. I love road trips. The boys aren't huge fans, but they travel really well and love to visit people. Everyone needs to meet this munchkin with his cute little troll doll blonde hair, little baby teef, chubby cheeks, and smiley face (just not for photos).

Scary thought... we moved in on January 1st and it still doesn't feel like home. I suppose that's my own fault since I haven't really done anything to make it home. I need to hang pictures and paint the boys' walls. What I really need to do is clean. I cleaned the crap out of Karrie's house before I left and that was easy. Why can't I bring myself to clean my own house? I need to figure something out because I am feeling slightly depressed. I think it's lack of interaction because I was fine at Karrie's (until she left for Wisconsin). I guess despite my weirdness and occasional antisocial behavior I'm actually a "people person". Having Josh around is going to help, but I need something outside of kids and house. First I need the guts to go find it.

So anyway. I got this coupon in the mail, and thinking it was something special I rushed out to use it before it expired. It was 60% off a custom framing order at Michael's. Well NOW all custom framing is 60% off so I feel sorta dumb. This picture is unfinished and sorta messed up, but I had hit a block and didn't feel like drawing anymore so it was a prime candidate for a hasty framing. Maybe someday I will dig it out of there and fix the angles so Noah doesn't look all weird... oh and actually finish the shirt and hands! Most likely I will leave it as is since the only people who will even notice it is sorta messed up are other artists (my Mom)... unless the imperfection drives me to complete and utter madness and, in a fit of rage, I just burn the whole thing and start over. One or the other... nonchalance or temporary psychosis hahaha.

I guess I will clean something before Josh gets home. At least myself. Sigh.

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