Enough of the Bad Stuff

How about some cuteness :)

Tristan is still a pig. He is no longer nursing. We were down to only once a day and then my body just basically weaned him itself. It's a little sad, but it's also a little liberating. Mostly sad. He's just getting so big! He was officially 10mos old yesterday. A whole 10 months already?! OMG!!

Noah is still exercising his largest muscle, his crazy brain. He has a wild imagination and a pretty odd sense of humor. He gets the pots and bowls out for Tristan to play with every day while I cook dinner, but usually it just ends up being Noah's drum set. He also builds giant towers of bowls and pots. Tristan watches and cries on my leg. It's a fun time haha.

Josh is still at work right now. He had to be in at 3:30am and it's 6:30pm now. He hasn't called yet either so I don't expect him to be home too soon. I am worried about his health (physical and mental). There's only so much a person can take. Especially since he's not volunteering for all this overtime. Poor poor Josh. He's so tired, but he still loves serving in the Army.

Well... I'm going to let the boys eat dinner.

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