Future Engineer and Lego Enthusiast

As if it wasn't enough that Noah was a cookie-cutter clone of Joshua, now it seems his innards match as well. He has Josh's engineer brain and mechanical genius. Yesterday Noah lugged this creation downstairs to show me. At first glance it's quite impressive, but upon further scrutiny it's downright insane!! Let me point out the finer details for you that shouldn't be overlooked. Bear in mind this child is 3 years old, nearly 4... he's not a teen and he did not receive a lick of help from anyone.

First the obvious, he only used 2 colors. Now note the symmetry of his creation. He used the longer blocks for the bottom layer, then just the square ones, and then long again. Do you realize the amount of forethought required to have symmetrical "guns" along the ship? According to Noah they're guns... and there's a seat up top for the captain to sit on and drive. The yellow brick road (haha) is a sidewalk for the people.

Anyway... I thought it was pretty amazing for a toddler. Well I guess he's a preschooler. He always tells me "I not a toddler, I'm a KID!". He also has been telling me he needs to go to school. Maybe I am biased or oblivious, but I think it shows some advanced mechanical thinking.

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