Poor Josh

I haven't been blogging much because I've been pretty frustrated when I actually have the time. I didn't want to get on here and vent, but maybe I need to so that I can get back to my normal blogging.

On a normal day Josh works about 14 hours. He gets up at 4:30am for PT, comes home at 7 for a shower and then leaves for work at 7:30. He doesn't get home until 5:30 or 6pm. By then he is so exhausted he passes out by like 10pm or earlier. In addition he usually has to work on one of the weekend days as well. Today he worked from 4am-4pm followed by an additional 15hr extra duty from 6pm-9am. He gets to sleep Friday and then he has to pull another 6am-6pm shift on Saturday. I don't know what makes these people think they can work him so hard. It sucks.

He is always tired, always dreading tomorrow. He has no downtime and is generally blah when I actually do see him. To add insult to injury he gets paid the same no matter how long and hard he works. He's not making overtime or double time or holiday pay. He brings home enough money to keep us going, but little enough that we qualify for WIC. I'm tempted to make a phone call to the company and complain about how hard these guys are being pushed. Then I remember... they've already heard it from the soldiers and they just don't care.

The good news is that Tristan knows him and loves him. Noah gets to see his Daddy every day (usualy), and I get to sleep next to my hubby (most nights). That's a hell of a lot better than we used to have... but that doesn't mean overworking these poor guys is justified.

Case closed. ;)
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