Water Day

I don't know why I hadn't done any water play with Noah this summer, but this was the 1st time we broke out the sprinkler. Noah had been bugging us to get him some goggles while we were in Florida... never got around to buying him any. Well he saw some on a display at the grocery store the other day so that was his "good boy" reward when we left. He kept sticking his face in the sprinkler to make sure they worked. The yard flooded quickly! This is good :) I am going to lay down our turf builder and let him play in the sprinkler all he wants. Our grass is patchy and as an added bonus we have 10 holes from Bosley so we need some grassistance (ba dum chh). Once Noah's birthday gets here and he can have his big present (Grandma N. got him a sandbox) it will cover up the holes quite nicely. At least I finally mowed!

Tristan and I remained a safe distance away. Tris was surprisingly OK with being a spectator. I think he was in a cuddly mood. He is not even a fraction as cuddly as Noah used to be. He is a little more clingy (if that makes any sense). He always wants me around to watch him play or to be a fun obstacle for him to practice his climbing skills. He rarely snuggles or hugs. When he does though, it's much more awesome because of the rarity. Yesterday he would turn his head and look up at me, smile, and then lean into me and give me a little nuzzle. Ahhhhh... motherhood is amazing.


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