Nap Time Makes a Comeback!

Noah hasn't napped in almost a year... ok once or twice in front of the tv or on his floor. The point is he is "done" napping. NOT TODAY! Lately he's been getting really snippy with me and I thought maybe it was because he was tired so I reinstated nap time. He went right to sleep. We'll see if that brightens his mood. I'm crossing my fingers. He will be up any second. He was going crazy punching things and sporadically yelling about nothing. He is a violent child if he's tired. I think he got that from me. I have a fuse about 1/16th of a millimeter long when I'm tired. He also wouldn't listen to me and I get pretty tired of yelling. SO... both of my sweet princes are napping at the same time. It's so quiet in here!! I actually did all my laundry and the dishes, vacuumed the whole house... oh wait, not the stairs yet. I sure missed nap time! I'm so thrilled about this hour of peace I think the boys and I will make some muffins when they awake :) Noah has been begging me to make blueberry-banana muffins. Never tried that before. I think that sounds like a delicious idea.

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