Buncha Sickos

Here's the picture of Josh and I before the ball. I had to set it up on a timer... sorry it's all cut off. It's still cute to me! :) We look so nice... look at all my baby's ribbons and awards :D I'm so proud of him. He just took the hardest test given at his school today (Cisco cert) and he got 100%!! That's my man.

We've all got a head cold over here... and I do mean all of us... Tristan, myself, Noah, and Josh. None of us feel really badly, but it's enough to have us a bit listless. We're still taking our daily walk and able to carry on with our normal lives. We're just a little uncomfortable is all :P Hopefully we'll feel better tomorrow! We need to be better by the weekend so we can take Tristan to the aquarium in Atlanta for his first birthday (sniff sniff). That year flew by even faster than Noah's did.

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