Well, People... I've Got News!

We're pregnant again!! :D I am 7wks along now and have known for quite some time. We had some complications the last few weeks, but everything finally feels normal to me. I just did not feel pregnant and was worried I was losing the baby... so I kept the news to myself. Once we found a heartbeat and my hCg levels doubled every few days, I finally felt better about everything. I've already had 2 sonograms so I have pictures to share, but not today. Unfortunately, the pictures are on my MAC and it is currently out of commission. We're installing a new processor and more RAM so I can upgrade the operating system and start using it as my main computer. Anyway!! The baby is expected sometime around May 8th and we will be finding out the gender this time. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that we're hoping for a girl this time! We will be happy regardless, but a girl would be great! ;)

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