Finally, the Cake!

I have a bit of a background story to tell about Tristan's 1st birthday cake. I picked up a banana cream pie for us to have as his cake from our local grocery store on the 14th (day after his actual birthday). We cut into it that night and all the whipped cream on top had soured... and I'm assuming the filling had also gone bad. I was so disappointed in Bi-Lo. I was determined to bring it back for a refund, but forgot bring it next time I went to the store. So, I just tossed it because it wasn't worth the gas to get my $5.99 back. Well as luck would have it, we were at Sam's and found the perfect cake! It had little sea creatures on it in honor of our trip to the aquarium :) We decided it was better late than never and finally enjoyed our cake last night. I couldn't NOT have 1st birthday cake pictures!!

I also had to share a couple more cute ones of Tristan's path of destruction and walking attempts. He is starting to walk a little tiny bit more on his own. He really is just much faster crawling and sees no point in being an upright mammal yet. Look at his little jeans falling off :) This kid is just too darn cute. He has me laughing all day.

Noah and Tristan have been interacting a lot more lately. Noah is such an amazing kid. He's really patient and loving with his baby brother. He shares with him and makes sure he's not getting into any trouble. They have their moments (like today when the cars and planes were out), but they are great friends! Noah has a sponge memory right now. We were watching "Spirit" yesterday and in the beginning scene they show Old Faithful erupting. I told him it was a geyser and when we watched it today he said "look Mommy a geyser!". He's quite impressive. We are delving into more complicated books and facts now. He's able to digest all kinds of information and regurgitate it at the right moments. It's exciting for me to see how his little mind is working. I am using this time to show him the more complicated stuff like... actual names of oceans instead of just "the ocean". Everything is important to him so he remembers. This week we're going to watch Planet Earth again. I think we're going to watch the Blue Planet disc first to reinforce the recent aquarium trip (thanks again Kevin for the series I LOVE it!!). We'll see how much he remembers. FYI everyone, when your kids start to ask questions they already know the answers to, they're looking for more information and are ready to soak up whatever you give them! I am expecting a huge vocabulary explosion. Poor Noah is going to be exceedingly bored in kindergarten.

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