Fall is Coming!

For those of you who don't already know I grew up in northern Ohio. Ohio has humid summers, sometimes cold and wet springs, looooong freezing winters, and gorgeous falls. My all-time favorite season is Fall, Autumn... whatever you choose to call it. I say Fall because I am just not prestigious enough to be walking around throwing Autumn at people. I think I would sound pretentious. But anyway, despite my hatred for school my entire young life Fall remained my number one season. I love the way the leaves smell, and the crisp chill in the air. I loved crunching every single leaf I could as I walked to school... and that's still one of my favorite sounds.

We had so much fun in the Fall. We didn't have to freeze or sweat while playing outside, and our yard was not even remotely in need of Fall leaves :) This may have annoyed my poor Dad, but it really charged us kids up. We would take our rakes and make huge intricate mazes through the yard and then chase each other through them (we called it "witch in the graveyard"). My Mom also took us apple and pumpkin picking every year. We ate apples until we were ill, and then we ate more. If you've never had an apple fresh from the tree you're really missing out! Mom baked apple pies from scratch and we all painted our own pumpkins. Mom made a business out of it (because yes she was THAT good). Once or twice we kids got good enough to be able to sell our little creations as well! I remember the treks to the pumpkin patches, picking out the best ones, unloading the car, scrubbing all the pumpkins down. I looked forward to it every year.

On top of the memories, there's the gorgeous scenery and awesome holidays. I cannot wait to finally see Fall foliage again! We have mostly conifers out here in southern Georgia, but I think the deep greens will only add to the beauty of the sparsely peppered reds and yellows on the hillsides. So we've got the amazing colors and smells, and then we add Halloween and Thanksgiving. Seriously... who wouldn't love this time of year?! One holiday where you get to dress up and get tons of candy (which lasts more than a year in this house... we still have Easter candy). Another holiday that involves tons of delicious food and time with family, and no presents have to be bought!! Thanksgiving's my favorite because I love to cook, eat, and spend time with my family :)

In short (hahaha yeah suuure this is short) I am in high spirits and ready to welcome Fall. The temperature is finally dropping below the 90's and a cool breeze is blowing in. I did a couple fun crafts with the boys today in honor of the season finally changing. Noah did a great job cutting all the leaves out for his leaf collage. He was concentrating so hard! Notice Noah's grimaced smile? That is the best example of why he doesn't get his picture taken often anymore. He just doesn't want to look at the camera or smile. I guess he's had enough after 4 years of constant pictures!

I had a tough time trying to get Tristan interested in coloring rather than chewing on the crayons... which is why our hand turkeys are so blah. I can't wait for all the good times Fall has to offer! For once Josh will be here with us to share in the memories!!! :D :D That's the absolute best part, of course :) Happy days are here again!!!


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