New Car!

Josh and I have been looking at new cars for quite some time now. We did a lot of research and finally settled on a (blue) 2008 Honda Odyssey. Our family is only going to get bigger and the CR-V was just too small for us. There is a LOT more room in the van and we definitely needed it so we're really happy with our purchase. We negotiated a free DVD player and a really decent trade-in for the CR-V. We ended up making $2,500 (that went right into the new car) after the loan payoff. This is why we're Honda people. They hold their value so well! They also have amazing warranties. We got a 7yr/100,000 mile bumper to bumper tech warranty, $0 deductible. EVERYTHING is covered under this warranty, including towing and rental cars. Hondas are excellent vehicles and we highly recommend them!

Thanks so much to Karrie for watching the boys all weekend! I can't imagine trying to buy a new car with 2 little ones around. It takes a good 4 or 5 hours. We also got to sleep in, go see a movie, and go to dinner together :) We're lucky people. I miss my babies though and can't wait to take the new van out for a little road trip tomorrow.

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