First Haircut!

I've had to go to the hospital every day this week for one reason or another. Mostly to complete WIC paperwork. Thankfully this hospital doesn't stress me out like the one in San Antonio did... dang I hated that place. So, I haven't been posting as frequently as I normally do.

I finally gave Tristan a haircut! I couldn't stand that he looked like he was sporting a mullet. He was a little afraid of the noise of the clippers, but he did really well. It didn't take very long at all since I only trimmed the back. I love his wispy spikes up front :) Here's pre and post haircut.

Tomorrow I am driving the boys halfway to Karrie's, where she's meeting up with me. She's going to watch them for us on Friday and some of Saturday so we can go to an Army Ball :) I got a formal dress and pretty shoes and all that (all for under $50 brand new!!). I did not have time to get a haircut, however. We really can't afford it right now anyways. I guess I'll just have to do my hair!! :O Do I even remember how? I'll be sure to get pictures of us all snazzed up. Talk to you all on Monday!

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