Happy September!

We had a nice 4 day weekend together! I love that Josh is in a class right now because he gets all the holidays and weekends off AND gets to come home at a decent hour. The boys got these matching Donald Duck tees from Great Gma and Gpa B. I tried my hardest to get them in at least one good shot... regardless I think they're memorable haha :) Noah was REALLY excited about the shirts. As soon as I got his out he instantly remembered Tristan's and ran to find it for him to wear. He was jumping up and down "we match!! we match!!".

On Labor Day we had a nice little barbecue. One of Josh's friends from class came over. His family is in Germany while he's going to school here so Josh knows how he feels being stuck in the barracks! I love cooking for people... especially guys because they love food hahaha. He's a great guy and I'm glad he stopped by. So anyway, that's what we did on Monday. Today we spent a lot of time at home, lazing around and playing here and there. It was marvelous. Noah sat around in his chef's outfit for most of the day. He looked so cute with his little ear all bent under his hat, looking all concentrated. He was moping in the one picture because I had to scold him for jumping on the dog, and me, and Daddy. He gets hyper sometimes :)

We've been getting Bosley more used to being in the house. When we first got him he was afraid to come inside, usually because parts of Josh's uniform were visible. Josh has been letting him out and feeding him every morning (in uniform) and he no longer is afraid of the camouflage. Now he is able to come inside and not run in circles and freak out, whining and howling. We just gradually had him come in and spend more time with us. He still gets a little excited, but he will calm down right away. He is comfortable in the house now!! We go on walks as a family pack every night after dinner from 7-7:30. Bosley loves it and will wait if one of us lags. He's finally accepted us as his family and is a more confident dog. He's a great addition to our family.

I FINALLY got a shot of Tristan's normal face. Seriously this is how he looks about 80% of the time... nose crinkled, mouth wide-open and smiling so hard. I just love his hair! I need to cut it though because it's starting to look like a mullet in the back :P


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